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Natural Beeswax Candles handmade using different ceramic objects

These Beeswax Candles are made with 100% pure beeswax procured from Romanian beekeepers. Some of the candles are mixed with a some essential oils (like lavender or mint).

The Beeswax Candles burn longer, brighter and cleaner then any other candles. These types of candles have their own natural aroma (given by the mix of pollen, propolis and honey present) and that is why they are perfect for air-purification, reducing dust and allergens around the house.

Safety tips:

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Keep out of drafts
  • Keep away from children
  • Make sure it is properly extinguished  
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  • Coffee Cup Beeswax Candles Lavender Oil
    Natural beeswax candle, 100% natural, in coffee cup container, pink, green, blue, lavender
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